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Halleluya -youth & children


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Children is a gift of GOD !


Matney Woodard Entertainment

A Christian web site for the whole family featuring Christian children's stories, Animal Parable Bible stories, Boris Kitty stories, songs, poems, devotions, sermons and much more. Perfect for Church, Sunday School and inspiring King's kids of all ages. Read all our stories for free!

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Celebrating our 5th year online!! ---- Make sure you check out all our Christian children's stories!!!


Matney Woodard



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Heli, The Star of Bethlehem

 The Carpenter and the Little End Table


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God is Love. God Loves You. Love Never Fails!


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Matney Woodard Entertainment!

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Celebrating Our 5th Year Online And Still Growing!

What You Will Find Here - This Christian web site features original Christian children's stories, inspirational stories, Christmas stories, Bible lessons, poems, songs, sermons and Christian literature for your family's enjoyment. We've got stories about all types of animals for the child in all of us. All of our content and stories are free to read and enjoy. 


Please remember that everything on this site is copyright protected. Before using any content, review our Legal Info page for what is and is not permissible. Thanks in advance for helping us protect our hard work.


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God's Love Removes All Fear! 

1 John 4:11-21



Christian Stories for the Halloween Season


As Christians, we can enjoy every day free from fear of any type. Halloween seems harmless, but it can create unnecessary fear in young hearts. God is not the source of fear (1 Timothy 1:7). Satan is the source of all evil in the world, but Jesus conquered him for us! When we know and believe that God loves us, we never have to be afraid!


Boris Kitty Stories


Halloween Doesn't Have To Be Scary!


Black Cats Aren't Scary - Halloween is a holiday that many people view as harmless fun. But Boris learns that it also promotes prejudice and hatred of black cats. Determined to do something about it, God tells him the secret to defeating hate.


If Fear Is The Problem, God's Love Is The Answer!


The Terribly Scary Storm - Fear is a tool of Satan. It robs believers of their faith in God. It is also a sin that needs to be defeated. Boris learns a valuable lesson about fear when he faces a scary thunderstorm. With God's help, he is always victorious.


God Makes Everyday, Even Halloween!


God Made Today - Sometimes the cares of the world make us forget that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We should be thankful every day for His love and concern. That is the message that Boris shares with his friends in this story. We should enjoy every day, because God makes each one.


Don't Let The Devil Steal God's Word!


Devil Got Your Tongue - Throughout the Bible we are taught to speak in agreement with God’s Word. In this story, Boris learns that when he talks of failure and defeat, he will get exactly that. But when he speaks in agreement with God’s Word, there is nothing he can’t do.







God's Love Protects!


Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego & The Fiery Furnace - A Bible story from Daniel 3:1-30. Three young men refuse to sin, and by doing so, defy the most powerful ruler in the world, a crime worthy of a fiery death. When they put their trust in God, there is nothing to fear.


God's Love Defeats the Enemy!


David and Goliath & Some Giant-slaying Faith - A Bible story from 1 Samuel. A young shepherd boy faces a 10-foot tall warrior and proves to his countrymen that God was still willing to fight on the side of those that put their complete trust in Him. 


God's Love Overcomes All Obstacles!


Joshua and the Crumbling, Tumbling Walls of Jericho - A Bible story from Joshua 1-6. God gives Joshua a most peculiar plan for defeating Jericho. Seven days later and there was nobody doubting God's plan.


God's Love Never Fails!


Jumpin' Jehoshaphat - Praise Works! - A Bible story from 2 Chronicles 20:1-30. When 3 armies invade Judah, King Jehoshaphat knew that God would protect his country. He marched the army out to face the enemy led by a choir singing praises to God. But there would be no battle that day. God had already given them the victory!






Other Halloween Resources


What About Halloween - An article by Kenneth Copeland Ministries on Halloween.

Halloween: A Christian Perspective - Devotionals, links and resources from Peggie's Place.

Annie's Halloween Links - A Christian perspective on Halloween.



Important Announcement

Lots of other good stuff in the pipeline. Keep visiting and share this URL with your friends. We love all of our visitors and pray for God's excessive love to be poured out on you, and through you to the whole world!!


Animal Parable Bible Stories - All your favorite Bible stories as told by the animals that were there. Every story features new characters and new inspirational lessons. Perfect for Church, Sunday School, or to share with the children in your life. Be sure and check out the Animal Parable Bible Lessons for each story. Visit the Animal Parables Home Page to read all the stories.

Read our latest addition: Echo In Egypt

Animal Parable Stories - Job 12:7 tells us to ask the animals and they will teach us. That is the purpose of all the Animal Parables and Animal Parable Bible Stories. Every story features new characters and new inspirational lessons. Perfect for Church, Sunday School, or to share with the children in your life. Visit the Animal Parables Home Page to read all the stories.

Read our latest addition: Noah & Waverly - A Scissortail Love Story NEW!

Boris Kitty Stories - Follow the adventures of Boris Kitty, Taffy, Montana and Buddy as they grow in faith. Each story is designed to entertain and teach children of all ages about prayer and God's love towards His creation. Visit the Boris Kitty Home Page to read all the stories.

Read our latest addition: The Cotton Swab Invasion

-- Reader Comments About Matney Woodard Stories --


Heaven's Art Gallery - A Christian short story about transforming life into a masterpiece worthy of display in Heaven's Art Gallery.


"My wonderful senior friends were awed and silent!  No one spoke for a few moments and I was almost moved to tears reading it ("Heaven's Art Gallery") again. I looked and they too were misty-eyed.  It is a powerful and moving story and moves us to such personal questioning of where we are in our journey with our Lord

Finally they all agreed, it was a powerful message
Joan Gibertini
First Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, Texas


"I wish to express how the short story of "Heaven's Art Gallery" has touched many hearts from Lighthouse Christian Center, a school with about 50 students and homeschoolers. One of the students, my son, Joel Andrus a senior, used this story at a chapel service. I don't think there was a dry eye anywhere. 

Thank you, for I believe it touched my son's life and others in such a positive way for now and eternity."

Glenda Andrus
Lighthouse Christian Center, MiIlford, Delaware


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Other Items of Interest - Be sure and check out all the sermon notes written by Rev. H. A. Matney: Sermon Notes Home - Rev. H. A. MatneyNEW!

Also, check out the poems on our poetry pages: 

Poems by Frances Matney Woodard  Poems by Harrison Woodard

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